Sports Medicine

Medical Clearances

Rhode Island College Sports Medicine utilizes an online health portal (Medicat) to house all medical information for students. Once registered for classes, you will have access to the “Patient Portal” in Medicat. The information contained in these forms are accessible only to the professional staff of Health Services and Athletic Training Staff. You are not eligible for pre-season workouts, tryouts, practices, scrimmages or games without all forms completed.

2019-20 Medical Clearance & Instructions


General Info

The physical well-being of all Rhode Island College intercollegiate student-athletes is our first priority. Treatment of these student-athletes, as a result of athletic injury, is administered by the athletic training staff in conjunction with student health services and team physicians. The staff is comprised of three BOC Certified Athletic Trainers that are also licensed by the State of Rhode Island. The primary staff is supplemented by work study student workers, designated team physicians, and a host of other medical consultants and subspecialists.


Location and Hours

There are two athletic training room facilities on campus. The Murray Center Athletic Training Room is located in the lower level of the Murray Center. This facility serves as the main athletic training room and office location for the Head and Assistant Athletic Trainers. The athletic training room opens at 12pm Monday-Friday and closes approximately 30 minutes after the last scheduled practice. On weekends, it is open 2 hours prior to contests and 1 hour prior to scheduled practice times. The Recreation Center Athletic Training Room serves as a satellite facility and is located in the fieldhouse of the Recreation Center. It is primarily used during the winter athletic season and other special events when a varsity team will be utilizing the Recreation Center. Both facilities are fully equipped with various modalities, whirlpools and rehabilitation equipment.


Visiting Teams

The athletic training staff is available to accommodate any visiting team’s needs. Please provide your team with the necessary supplies and contact us in advance of your contest for any pre-contest needs.


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